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Custom Meat Processing....
Cutting & Processing Info....

Cutting is charged on the weight of the skinned animals brought in, bone and waste disposal and hanging is included in the price. Hanging time is 7-10 days in a proper whole carcass cooler.

Please do not age your animal especially if you want sausage or jerky.  If your animal is too aged, we will only cut it for you.  If you require a full boneless cut of your animal, $0.10 a lb will be added to our price per lb.

Cuts are brown poly/paper wrapped, labeled, then blast frozen.

All animals must be skinned and clean. No hide or hair. We will not accept animals with excessive hair and/or dirty.

For special cutting and sausage animals e.g. no pork, allergies, and ext. we will cut your animal with this in mind during the season and process your sausage after the season is over from January to August.

Game Processing....
Cut, Grind, Wrap, Freeze: 99¢ per lb
Minimum charge per animal is $99.00
Grind, Wrap, Freeze: 99¢ per lb
Bulk Grind: 59¢ per lb
Patties 4oz & 6oz min. 20lbs per size: $1.29 per lb
Beef/Pork added for grinding: $1.99 per lb

Sausage Making Info....

All meat must be clean, lean, no gristle or fat and NOT aged. The fresher the meat, the better. All our sausage is gluten free, lean, low salt and only have quality ingredients. All spicing is from scratch – not from generic spice mixes. You will taste the difference. All sausage prices are net as finished weight. Pork trim, making, smoking, cooking, drying and boxing are included in the price per lb. Boneless meat is welcome, fresh or frozen. For every 20 lbs of meat, you receive 32 lbs of sausage back, 25 lbs = 40 lbs and so on. Please pick your order up as soon as possible, when we phone you – it’s ready.

Sausage Making....
Fresh Sausage....

A raw sausage requiring cooking. 4 sgs. per lb at 4 in a package. Brown paper wrapped and is frozen. Minimum order is 20 lbs per flavour.

4 sausages per lb
Original, Maple, Italian (Medium Hot), Bratwurst, Honey/Garlic, Jamaican Jerk (Hot), Chorizo (Hot) $2.29 per lb

Smoked Cooked Sausage....

A cured, double smoked cooked sausage that is ready to eat and comes in a variety of sizes / flavours. Shelf life is 1 week in the fridge. They are packed bulk in a box and must be packaged by the customer. The minimum order is 20 lbs per flavour / size.

Regular Salami: 3" diameter casing
Garlic, Summer,Pepperoni, Italian (Medium Hot), Chilli (Hot) $2.29 per lb
Deluxe Salami: 3" diameter casing
Reg Cheddar, Hot Cheddar (Hot), Pizza Mozzarella $2.69 per lb
Large Sticks: 11/2 " diameter casing
Polish-Garlic, Pepperoni, Italian (Medium Hot), Chilli (Hot) $2.69 per lb
Regular Smokies: 1" diameter casing
Original. Garlic, Pepperoni, Italian (Medium Hot), Chilli (Hot) $2.99 per lb
Deluxe Smokies: 1" diameter casing
Reg Cheddar, Hot Cheddar (Hot), Pizza Mozzarella $3.59 per lb
Small Sticks: 1/2 " diameter casing
Pepperoni $3.49 per lb
All Pepperoni is Med to Hot

Air Dried Sausage....

A cured, double smoked, dry sausage. Ready to eat and comes in a variety of sizes / flavours. The meat must be only muscle, have no gristle, membranes or fat. – This is called “denuded” meat or peeled muscles. These muscles can be of any size and should be frozen for 1 month before processing as the sausages are not cooked but dried. These come vacumn packaged in 8 per pkg. Dry sausage has a very long shelf life in the fridge of at least 3 months. The minimum order for dry sausage is 20 lbs per size/flavour. Dry sausage is only processed in the off-season of January to August

Links: 1" diameter casing approx. 4/lb
Rockworst, Farmer, Farmer Garlic,Pepperoni, Italian (Medium Hot), Chorizo (Hot) $4.99 per lb
Small Sticks: 1/2 " diameter casing approx. 3/lb
Salami, Pepperoni, Italian (Medium Hot), Chorizo (Hot) $5.49 per lb
Landjager: 1" diameter casing squared, approx. 6/lb
Original, Hot (Hot) $5.99 per lb


Whole muscle for slicing meat must be fully skinless (Denuded) No fat or gristle – biggest muscles possible. Hip and loins are the best. Minimum order is 10 lbs of raw meat per flavour. Jerky is priced on (wet), sliced weight meat. Drying loss is approximately 55%.

Original, Teriyaki, Pepper $5.49 per lb